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The versatile Holmium-YAG laser for Urology, Spine, Arthroscopy and ENT. The Sphinx laser delivers intense power pulses with peaks of up to 15kW (kilowatt) and pulse duration variable between 150µs (micro seconds) and 800µs. The shorter laser pulses make the Sphinx highly effective in fragmentation of calculi and ablation of hard tissue. Longer pulse duration provide an excellent hemostasis in soft tissue surgery.

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Strong absorption
The pulsed 2 micron laser radiation of the Sphinx Holmium-YAG laser is highly absorbed in water and in biological tissue. The laser energy is converted into heat within a depth of the tissue of less than 0.5 mm. The characteristic absorption property of the laser radiation makes it ideal for use in ablation processes. This also provides efficient vaporisation of soft tissue surgery without deep penetration or uncontrolled tissue necrosis.
One of the major benefits of the characteristic absorption properties of the laser radiation is the safe operation it provides to the patient. In a hydrous solution, the range of the Sphinx laser radiation is restricted to the volume immediately in front of the fibre tip. Tissue more than 5mm from the tip of the fibre is screened off by the hydrous solution and will not be affected by the laser radiation at all.
Short Pulses – effective stone fragmentation
Laser pulses as short as 150 µs make the Sphinx highly effective in the fragmentation of calculi and ablation of hard tissue. The Sphinx Holmium laser is characterised by an extraordinary intense pulse peak power of up to 15 kW.
Long Pulses – excellent hemostasis
Long laser pulses of up to 800 µs provide an excellent hemostasis in soft tissue surgery.
Other advantages
- Adjustable laser pulse duration
- Programme memory
- Reusable and disposable applicators and laser fibres
- Integrated active cooling of system
Systems available
LISA Sphinx 30W, 45W, 60W, 80W, 100W 
Superior accessories for successful procedures are provided. Refer to the LISA fibres and accessories. 
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