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Soft tissue surgery can be performed with a surgical laser. The Revolix laser system offers all the beneficial features of existing laser principles, all in one unit. This 2 micron surgery laser can be used in Urology, Gynaecology, Spine Surgery, ENT, Neurosurgery and Pneumology. Both the cutting and ablation advantages of the well-known CO2 laser are offered by RevoLix while an articulated mirror arm is not even necessary. RevoLix also achieves excellent haemostasis, similar to the Nd:YAG laser or Diode laser.

Product Information


Why 2 micron continues wave?
The RevoLix wavelength at 2.0 micron is known for its suitability for resection and ablation, safe application in an aqueous medium and it generates excellent haemostasis. These excellent properties are due to the efficient absorption at this wavelength by water which is ubiquitous in any tissue. At the RevoLix wavelength of 2.0 micron the absorption is 2.5 times stronger than at the Holmium wavelength providing even more precise cutting in soft tissue surgery. In soft tissue surgery efficient and even cutting combined with strong haemostasis is required. This is provided by the RevoLix laser in an unmatched manner. The RevoLix laser operates in a continuous wave mode and cuts and vaporises vascular and white tissue without deep penetration or uncontrolled necrosis. Clean cuts and excellent haemostasis are achieved by moving the beam across the surgical site. Generous laser power capacity allows high vaporisation and resection rates at no bleeding and short theatre time. 
Why is it safe?
In an aqueous medium the laser effect to tissue is restricted to less than 2mm in front of the tip of the fibre. Any tissue more distant than 2mm is unaffected by the RevoLix laser. This property eliminates the risk of unintentional tissue damage during laser surgery.
What are the advantages?
Cutting efficiency of soft tissue and haemostasis is superior to any known alternative. Tissue damage is restricted to less than 1mm beneath the cut. Revolix preserves excellent vision to the surgical site. There is no vision impairment due to bleeding, excessive bubble formation, tissue fragments or ruptured tissue.
Endoscope lenses remain free from splatter when used in open surgery or in laparoscopy. 
What are the benefits?
- Less blood
- Quick recovery time
- Short hospital stay
- Less postoperative care
- Precise surgery
- No deep penetration
Systems Available
Revolix 50W, 70W, 120W, 200W
Revolix Junior 15W, 30W
Superior accessories for successful procedures are provided. Refer to the LISA fibres and accessories.
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